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We develop software for desktop computers and mobile devices.
Also create web pages, eshops and web applications.

With us you can get tailored software solutions according to your needs and with center you the customer.

Just give us a feedback and we will contact you for further details.


Currently we have two main projects in production,
"Οργάνωση" and "Ταμείο".


Organise your company services and todos with the clever way.

One View All Infos

One view with all the information you need in place. Find out easily what is the service you have to do, how urgent it is, if it is overdue, in what branch of your company and many more information.

Powerfull Filter

Powerfull filter to find your data easily, seamlessly and with multiple ways.



Never forget or miss to do a service. With simple and easy to use buttons you can see what services you have to finish within current day, week, month or in a given time window.


Sort and project your data the way you like and please you.


Manage your company cash and your money with the clever way.

Now free for everyone.

All Info in One Place

Know every time how much is your balance, how much money you have and in what kind of deposit, cash, bank account etc. How much money you have to collect from your clients and debtors. 

Powerfull Filter

Never miss an entry. With our power filter you can find every transaction you made with every posible search combination you can imagine.


Schedule and Remind

Have your clients automatically debited each month and never miss a due payment for your services. Connect with "Organosi" and forget debt lists and other reminders for your services and debtors payments.

Unlimited Categories

Organise your entries and transactions with unlimited categories, so you can have better statistical analysis. And view your data grouped by any category.


We are software developers who like great software and innovating ideas.
When a user is happy with our code we are trying to make him happier with better and faster code.

We started developing software at 1984 with the first computers (Sinclair spectrum) of that age and established our business at 2013.

Our motivation is that software developing has always something new to learn and we like new technologies. 


We want to hear from you!

Give us your thoughts or your requests.


We live in Internet and 
in Thessaloniki


Email: info@cleverapps.gr 
M: +30 694 5333 463